Thursday, August 12, 2010


I've been busy folks, busy! Today I put the finalizing touches on a business plan to submit to the state to have my kitchen certified. It's almost time to get baking! I'm not sure how something this wonderful has fallen into my lap, but I'm not about to question it. Now on to the marketing aspect of this business, which really shouldn't be so hard.

I am so blown away by this opportunity. I feel a sense of responsibility to those who have gone way before me, and have suffered through the gluten-free cardboard that was once passed off as food. Ok, so maybe there's still some of that stuff out there, but the truth is, gluten-free doesn't have to taste bad and I am so honored to be a part of it. Soon enough, I'll be posting recipes and the like. Life sure can be sweet!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Progress is just that

It seems as though this dream of mine is slowly becoming a reality. Very exciting!!! I have a connection with an ND close by, and so I am going to set up a meeting to share my business idea with her, and hopefully, we go from there. It's such a great feeling! To think that I can do something I feel so strongly about that is doing such a service to people... amazing!

On another note, I'm still working at the baking business. I love to create, and it definitely gets my creativity out. And I like to eat, so obviously it's a win-win situation! The process is just that, a process. But day by day, I'm feeling like I'm making some progress.

I think it's time to bake something. Maybe some focaccia bread for dinner??? mmmmm

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New ventures

As I sit here, jobless and broke, I keep rolling around this idea in my head. I know how to bake. I know how to be gluten-free and I have a passion for sharing that information. So, how do I make a living doing what I love?

The answer seems simple enough, but I feel as though I keep banging my head into a wall. Do I go ahead with the process of having my kitchen inspected and permitted by the state (which with 2 kids would be nothing short of a feat of gigantic proportions)? There seems to be a shortage of shared use kitchens around here, though I have seen talks of quite a few in the works throughout NC. Just doesn't help me now.

Or do I pursue my other dream and go ahead with a consulting business?

The choices on paper seem to be not so difficult, but I feel like there's grass growing under my feet and I am ready to take a leap! Maybe the choice will make more sense tomorrow morning after my coffee and a few phone calls...