Saturday, December 27, 2008

Beware the hidden gluten

So, this month has been crazy. My son started going to daycare this fall, and he catches everything that comes his way. I know, I know, it's better now than when he starts kindergarten, but sometimes I feel like we've had our fill of illness.

On to the topic at hand. A few weeks ago, my dear husband brought home some delicious smelling flavored coffee from TFM's bulk coffee barrels. I drank this coffee for four mornings in a row, and after I felt progressively worse, you'd think I would have made some relation to the coffee. But no, I didn't. Not until the fourth afternoon, when my head was pounding and my upper GI was aflame. Only then did I make the connection... beware the hidden gluten!!

My coffee slip-up cost me at least 8 days, possibly more. The first few days, everything I ate made me feel gross. It didn't matter, although I found that plain chicken sat a little better than most everything else. Eventually that went away, and I was left with some residual reflux. Finally, by about day eight, I felt like I was returning to normal. I was left with some fatigue, but otherwise, the upper GI woes were gone.

Moral of the story: NOTHING can go unchecked. Something as seemingly as benign as coffee can in the end cause you unnecessary distress. So all you coffee lovers, beware. Flavored coffees, while usually safe, are not always.

By the way: I did call TFM for a listing of gluten containing or gluten free coffees, and they never returned my call. I cannot tell you how annoyed am I about this, and I feel a response coming soon.

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