Sunday, December 7, 2008

Life sometimes gets in the way

Hello dear readers. I know you think I've abandoned you, but this has been a pretty busy and crazy week for me. And I've sort of been in a food rut, so it's pretty hard for me to post about food when I'm not feeling so much into food. I think I'm beginning to see the light, I hate when I get like that.

Anyway, my creation of the week is actually a recipe that I got from this website. It's a lentil and rice pilaf with caramelized onions. I made it for a gathering I attended tonight, and I was pretty impressed with how it turned out. I had never made it before, so sometimes I get nervous having other people be my guinea pigs. But all was well.

As we know, lentils are an amazing food; being a good source of protein and fiber. They're also a good source of folate, B1 and iron, which is good news if you are anemic. I find this pilaf to be fantastic for the winter because it's warm and has some substance. But you could really eat it anytime.

Hope you enjoy it!!

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