Friday, January 16, 2009

Another step forward

As part of my attitude adjustment, I decided that I would really buckle down. This year has to be better than the last, which was better than the last... I'm trying really hard to create a pattern here.

So, I've totally cut out dairy. I even resisted topping my steak with bleu cheese tonight. I figure if I can say no to that, I'm making great strides. I've also decided to very seriously do away with soy, and trial corn. All other grains are pretty limited, too.

I've started taking a vitamin D supplement on the advice of my doctor (surprise, surprise! I have low vitamin D) and between that and eliminating these foods, I'm actually doing pretty good. Now, if my dear, sweet son would let me get some sleep, I might be in business.

Another important thing I'm doing is taking digestive enzymes. I went into a local health food store, and the owner gave me some info on enzymes to look over. Within five minutes, I had determined that I had an amylase deficiency. Amylase is the enzyme that deals primarily in the breakdown of carbohydrates, and is not uncommon for celiacs to be deficient in this enzyme. I can't say that it healed me, but I notice a big difference between taking the enzymes and not taking them. If I try grains without them, I usually feel pretty sluggish. I think I'm finally moving in the right direction again!!!

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