Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Seriously, this whole cooking thing sometimes is just overrated. Coming from me, a foodie, someone who really loves to cook and create... it's a little weird. But recently, I could really just care less what I eat.

But I have to pull through, onward and upward. My kids don't get that luxury, they demand food. Sure they always want a grilled cheese or pizza or some other 'kid-friendly' food that just sounds about as appetizing to me as a piece of cardboard, but of course they know better. So I'm searching around now for something that will inspire. Tomorrow my hubs is off doing guy things with a friend, so we are going to have chicken. My husband rarely eats chicken (it's a bit of a long story), but it's the one protein the kids will usually chow down on.

If I come up with something magical, I'll be sure to share. ;) Till then, suggestions are welcome. Or just well wishes. I'm good with either.

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