Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New ventures

As I sit here, jobless and broke, I keep rolling around this idea in my head. I know how to bake. I know how to be gluten-free and I have a passion for sharing that information. So, how do I make a living doing what I love?

The answer seems simple enough, but I feel as though I keep banging my head into a wall. Do I go ahead with the process of having my kitchen inspected and permitted by the state (which with 2 kids would be nothing short of a feat of gigantic proportions)? There seems to be a shortage of shared use kitchens around here, though I have seen talks of quite a few in the works throughout NC. Just doesn't help me now.

Or do I pursue my other dream and go ahead with a consulting business?

The choices on paper seem to be not so difficult, but I feel like there's grass growing under my feet and I am ready to take a leap! Maybe the choice will make more sense tomorrow morning after my coffee and a few phone calls...

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