Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mashed potatoes

For a while, I thought that good mashed potatoes were a thing of the past. I mean with no butter, no milk... what's a girl to do?

But I found some products or two and heard about a way to make mashed potatoes that just turned out,for lack of a better word, perfect.

I don't feel that too much writing is necessary, as the potatoes will speak for themselves. If you do make these, enjoy them!!! They are absolutely delicious! (And try not to think too much about what you've put in them....)

My Fabulous Mashed Potatoes

yukon gold potatoes, peeled (this really depends on how many people you are making for)Chop them, and add them to water and stock. I usually do half and half.

As the potatoes are cooking, make a roux. I discovered this great stuff called ghee, which is lactose free and casein free butter. It's actually cow's butter, but clarified, and it absolutely delicious.

Equal amounts of butter and flour. ( I used potato starch, although you could use any flour you want)
After this melts in the pan, add milk. (I used rice milk to avoid using regular cow's milk, but if you are tolerant, go for it! I did a 2:2 ratio with flour and butter, and I used somewhere around 2 to 2 1/2 cups of milk)

Here's where it gets good: This is going to become a cheese sauce. So, pick whatever kind of cheese you want to OD on, and dump about a cup of it into the sauce. It will melt pretty quickly.

About this time, your potatoes should be done. After you drain them, dump the sauce on the top. And mash away. I use a regular old potato masher, because I do like my potatoes to have a thicker consistency, but the mashing part is definitely a matter of choice. Salt and pepper to taste!

As a side note: I also added a few slices of cooked bacon to the sauce. I mean, bacon tastes good with anything.

(Who knew you could make spectacular gluten free, casein free, lactose free potatoes?)

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