Thursday, November 20, 2008

Testing gluten free foods

It's getting better.

Good news from WebMD. It seems that scientiests based in the UK and Spain have created a test for gliadin (that evil part of the gluten protein) that is very efficient. You see, the current test takes about eight hours to complete, and as I would think, would put some manufacturers off from using it to declare their foods gluten free. What's even better, is that this new ninety minute test is just as sensitive as it's eight hour counterpart. As if that's not enough, they are trying to make it even faster! Hooray!!

To me this means a few things: of them the foremost is that more companies will be willing to use this test in order to declare more things gluten free. This will be a huge help to us, since we're constantly worrying about those all too vague words: "natural flavoring", "spices", and the like.

This also makes me wonder if the researchers are going to improve the sensitivity of the test. While it's pretty effective, if the testing could go even lower than the standard of 20ppm (which is about the equivalent of one tiny breadcrumb of an entire loaf of bread), that would help a large group of celiacs. You see, some react to even the tiniest amount.

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