Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm really not sure what the draw is to a cupcake. It doesn't seem like it should have the following it does, I mean, one little mini cake. But they are. Something about them is alluring. Perhaps it's the single serving size, the perfect amount. Just a little more than a bite, but much less than a big slice of cake. Whatever the reason, I have found myself wanting cupcakes recently. I decided on this rainy day that I would make cupcakes. So, I decided on a poundcake cupcake. It's sweet, but without the stickiness and the extra sweet of a frosting. Just dusted with a little powdered sugar. Can't wait!

As far as what else is available this week, I made a wonderful Irish Soda Bread with caraway seeds, so if you miss the taste of rye bread, which I certainly do, this will be right up your alley. It's delicious. Available in a square, flatbread type loaf, or a smaller, regular shape loaf.

And since it now officially fall and everyone is in love with the mini harvest loaves, they will be back this week also.

Be sure to stop in the Bickett Market to pick yours up, or give me a hollar and I'll whip some up just for you. (Or anything else you may want, for that matter!)


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